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Let's be honest: You don't really want to know about me. You might want to know what my experience and qualifications are, or maybe something about my philosophy of fiction, but me, David Sorensen, the guy sitting in front of a dying laptop in Starbucks, staring at an empty cup of iced coffee, wondering whether it's plain rude to ask the barista for a free refill, which free refill the Starbucks corporation offers to everyone as part of their business strategy... well, he's just not all that interesting, is he?

No, no he isn't. And you know what? That's just fine. In fact that's why we, as a species, have invented Fiction. We recognize that, a lot of the time, reality, the people in it, everything going on, it just all starts to seem rather dull, doesn't it? Not that it is dull, of course--we all know that--but once you've taken in the delicate aroma of a stewed rabbit wafting through the windows of a hobbit-hole, or felt the bone-dry sands of Arrakis sifting through your toes, or heard the shrill death-wail of a mad captain rise above a crushing vortex sucking every last harpoon-boat and whaleman down to a cold and undefined grave...

Who in their right mind would want to go back to reality after that?

And that's also why we create fiction: We have these magnificent characters taking up residence in our heads, and we want to, as much as we can, make them into reality. We want give them a life on the page, where we can see the curves of their faces and hear the cadence of their voices. We love them, and we want to create for them that new dimension of existence. And then we want to share that existence with the world.

That's where I come in. That's what I can do with you.

That's who I am.

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