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It’s been said that you’ll never really know what your story is about until you’ve finished it. In my experience, a great story is never truly finished, but somewhere along the way a part of the veil lifts and you suddenly see a little more of its inner mechanisms: how characters shape and are shaped by the worlds around them, how the plot fits together to form a consistent whole, and how through analogy your story points to a deeper and more universal truth.

I can't lift that veil for you, just as I can't, and won't, write your story for you. What I can do is tell you what your story means to me and show you how to tell it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

When you're ready, send me the first thousand words of your novel, novella, or short story, and in a few days I’ll send back a free line or developmental edit. The proof is in the .pdf, as they say.

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David Sorensen, Editor

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Editorial Assessment

Get a bird's-eye view of your story as a whole, and tackle big-picture questions of genre, theme, perspective, and plot.

Developmental Edit

Get an in-depth look at big-picture facets of your narrative, including pacing and flow, characterization, and tone.

Line Edit

Dive into the mechanics of your manuscript, focusing on paragraph and sentence structure, word choice, and grammar.

Listen to Authors

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“David was a great editor to work with! I came to him as a first time author, and I wasn’t quite sure how to go about editing. He walked me through the process with lots of tips and advice on how to take my book to the next level. Give him a try!”

-J.Z. Foster

His perspicacity surprised me. He did an amazing job. I learned an editor is different from a writer in that an editor improves something that already exists and a writer creates something from nothing. He was able to get inside my head and tell my story better than I originally had.

-Dave Schools
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